I bought a 99 Lexus gs300 at auction and have fixed everything wrong with it except the audio system. There was an aftermarket stereo system in the trunk as there are wires that lead to the trunk with nowhere to plug them in. There is a power wire with a fuse on it that runs from the battery that if I disconnect the car gets no power and will not start. When I put the digital display into diagnostic mode the amp checks out fine but the audio and CD system doesn't it gives me error codes that I've tried to look up and have had no luck finding an answer is there any advice you could give me on how to fix this problem?

aftermarket stuff can be a cow to decipher. You really need a wiring diagram, find the name on the unit and google that.

I did some checking around and a fuse was blown in the passenger kick panel the four door speakers work now but the 3 in the trunk don't figured I'd let u know the solution to my problem in case somebody else ever has the same problem.. ps the giveaway for a fuse for me was that the dome lights didn't come on either because they're connected to the same fuse in this car