I am trying to replace the front left cv axle on a 2003 toyota matrix xr with AWD. Currently, I have removed the outer cv joint, and am left with the tulip/cup still firmly in the transmission. I have removed the bearing retaining c-clip and the retaining bolt. I have also sprayed it down, repeatedly, with PB Blaster to free up the bearing and used a cv puller and slide hammer for several days without success. My questions are these: 1) can I use a torch to heat up the housing to free up the bearing even though the housing is aluminum, 2) if heat is not advised, is there a way to push it out from the right side of the vehicle by removing the left cv axle and using some sort of chisel on the shaft end in the transmission? 3) If so, is there a special tool for doing this, or would any item work, assuming it is long enough? And, if this method is the only way, is there any chance of damaging interior components, and how might I minimize that risk?

Again, this is an AWD toyota matrix from 2003, the same as a Pontiac Vibe Please help!

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Scotty Kilmer
Scotty Kilmer


I always get them off by removing the axle shaft from the inner cv joint, then hooking up a self locking vice grip big pliers to the edge of the joint, and that screws into a Big slide hammer. Then I whack the shit out of it to get it out

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