I am one of your followers from YouTube and enjoy to watch your videos that goes straight to the subject..

I have a question I was hoping you could help me with, my Toyota yaris 1.4 diesel is giving me some trouble, it has 187.000 km on it and unfortunately I am experiencing the motor burning oil.

This summer I just got the turbo changed because it was causing diesel to go into the engine oil, when I noticed this first thing I did was talking to Toyota, they didn't know what to do, until my car got somehow exploded something, white smoke everywhere, it turned out after a long struggle that the turbo was actually called in but they forget to call my car in.. So I got a new turbine, but now it is losing oil, about 1 liters for every 5000 km..

Since Toyota is charging 350 dollars an hour here in Iceland where I live, I would like to be sure that I can't fix the problem myself before going to toyota, I am not educated to do cars, I am an electrician so I know how to use a hammer and so on.. 😉

I checked for a Pcv valve, but that isn't installed in my car.

What can be the problem, and how can I troubleshoot it?

So far I have heard I could be the pistons have been worned out or the turbine burning the oil somehow, is there other possibilities? And how can I troubleshoot it?

Thank you for your time and videos.

Best regards
Kv Nichlas Iversen

once diesels burn oil, they need rebuilding in almost every case. So live with what you burn oil wise or spend thousands rebuilding that engine