Hummer h3 2006 axle

Front driver side axle leaking and the steering wheel doesnt come back

Dear scotty

I have a hummer h3 2006 and i noticed some mixed issues together

The axle as u can see im the photo is leaking grease and

at the same time i noticed also when i turn the steering wheel to the end left it doesnt come back as it should normally

also i noticed when i break while parking and the steering is to the left it gargles just like the gargle of the ABS and ONLY the left tyre becomes slippery or loos kind of..

My questions are:

Are those issues related to each other?

Shall i change the axle or just add grease and make sure the rubber is tight?

If they are not related can u briefly detail what are my problems probably

Appreciate your time.

yes, fix the axle first, pray it's causing the steering problem, it could if REALLY worn