Anonymous Caller


Well, I would first like to thank you for all the laughs along the way! Laughs are worth more than gold. Second on the way to becoming me, I was a wrench at an antique sports car restoration Co. I left that field but have always worked on my own cars. I find it therapeutic in a sick kind of way. I now have my second BMW 535i. I didn’t have any trouble working on the first one but like me it was getting old and I was planning on running for President in Iowa so I bought a new or almost new one and proceeded to put 182,000 miles on it driving all over the state.
I was trying to help my country and the people that make it home for me. Also I believe in leaving a place as good or better than I found it. Well I spent most everything I had and did’t help at all, I am truly sorry that I failed you so completely but I did get arrested in three states! Who says an old Dog can’t have some fun.
Well I stoped working on cars before computers were really doing much on cars and though I understand what computers can do and how many of they interact, I don’t have any experience working on them. My 535 has been grate. It first broke at about 200,000 miles when the water pump went bad. Looking in the engine bay, I thought the hoses look ok but how good could they be with that kind of milage on them. Then I remembered all the plastic on my first BMW and ordered every hose and plastic sensor in the engine management system. I rebuilt the alternator after a three day search on the internet to find the parts, if I remember right. Replaced the starter, cooling system worn drive and suspension components and made it go a little faster. All was fine for the next 8,000 miles or so when the car would not start after a short stop at the store. Skipping ahead it turned out that the car will not run when the engine is at its super operating temperature, not over heating just normal.
Well the only codes say low fuel pressure. One at a time, I replaced the new fuel pumps with new new fuel pumps again. and still the same problem. Once it cools off it starts up and runs fine. Had the computer checked out, the DME ( ECU or ECM ) heated the wiring harness with a heat gun and did a continuity test and it checked out but didn’t do all wiring harness gust the ones that went to fueling. Its been to BMW store twice my nabber has the second most ASE certificates in the state and I wasn’t a bad wrench all those years ago but I can tell that my skills are rusty.
Any help would be eagerly received. Best ………...