Scotty what is your opinion on the Ford 6.2 Liter V8? I’ve known a few people with these in their trucks and they’ve seemed to be bullet proof. I’m debating on buying a pickup truck in addition to my current vehicle in the coming future to have the bed and utility when I want it, with the work I do it seems I’m needing a truck more and more. I gotta say I like this engine a lot better than the ecoboosts, or any of the competitions trucks power plants to be honest. It doesn’t have the stupid cylinder deactivation or any of this new garbage. I see it’s standard on Harley Davidson F-150 trucks and Lariat-Limited models, and a lower output production version is standard on the Super Duty. I’m interested in buying a truck with this power plant used. Im assuming the lower output and lower compression version on the F-250 is going to be the more reliable choice? I’ve tried out Toyota and GM trucks and I don’t feel at home in them, the Fords just feel right for me. I also like the 5.0, but my take is the 6.2L is going to be cheaper to maintain since it doesn’t use direct injection.