Howdy. What is your opinion on the 2014- present Mitsubishi Mirage 1.2l 3 cylinder with CVT?
Many owners swear by the Mirage as fuss free low cost personal transport and say ignore the motoring journalists who expect Audi standards in this segment.

Not a big fan of any mazda CVT, but those can be fun cheaper cars for 100 thousand miles

Those Mirages aren't fun. They feel like a small boat on big waves when you drive it, and is one of the worst handling cars on the market. If I need something that doesn't cost a lot of money, I'll get a Toyota Corolla iM instead. They last that much longer.

iM over the the iA? I am considering the iA because it is more fun to drive, better MPG (near Mirage Like) and the shifter and outward vision is much better than the iM.