Howdy Scotty
Love your videos, have helped me many times. I have an ac question.

I Have a 1998 Ford Ranger that I replaced the evaporator, accumulator, and orifice tube due to a leak. did this just under 2 years ago. and right after doing so the AC worked Awesome for that summer. Then last summer and this one the ac cuts out randomly. It especially does not work when excessively hot outside. but when fairly nice out it will work just fine and actually make it very cold in my Truck (and I like to see my breath when driving) but sometimes it just stops working and then if I turn the AC off and turn it back on it will work but usually have to leave it off for @ 5 minutes or so. sometimes will not come back at all especially when extremely hot outside. I put gauges on the system and get readings of 150 on low side and 120 on high side when engine off and then 48 on low and 295 on high after engine running for 5-10 minutes while it was 87 degrees outside. Could the system be overcharged or could it possibly be a clutch cycling pressure switch issue. there just doesn't seem to be any consistency on the reason it cuts out. It usually also cuts out after hard acceleration (like its supposed to) but then will not come back on after that. I forgot it will also cut out when I am making a lot of errands and have to stop at multiple places.

Appreciate any info you might be able to give.


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that's often an overcharged system or one where the fan is not sucking enough air over the condenser and radiator to dissipate heat. Old thing like that, I'd put an auxilliary fan on the AC condenser myself