Howdy Scotty,

John from Ohio here, love your videos. Have a question for you... I have a 2010 Mazda3 that has 112,000mi and 8 years old and have noticed this year it seems to make tons of rear end clunky/rattling noises as of late. I've replaced struts/shocks and mounts all around, tie rod ends, brake calipers, both front control arms, and am getting parts in for sway bar links soon. I even had a heat shield that came loose and made tons of rattling sounds AND even a bad mattress squeaky noise in the rear after replacing rear shocks on one corner!

What kind of maintenance do you suggest to make it sound like I am not driving a junker down the road? Would love to have everything run quietly.

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 well, those tend to turn into junkers at that age, mazda quality is weak. But spray WD 40 on moing parts like bushings and often they quiet down for quite some time