Howdy Scotty. I'm having a little bit of brake trouble with my 1989 Dodge Dakota. I'll fill up my brake fluid about once a month, and by the end of the month my brakes are scrubbing and the fluid is empty. I can't see any leaks at all, but my brakes always hiss when I press the pedal. My back drum brakes always crank and grind, but I don't have the money to replace them. Front disc brakes work great....when the fluid is actually in there. Is there an underlying problem or have my brakes just gone to hell. I don't care enough about that old thing to do a full brake job, I just don't want to crash and die because of brake failure. Thanks Scotty!

flush fluid first ..you have abs all around or disc front and drum rear? im thinking you have drum rear which tells me you need wheel kits ...sounds like they are leaking ..? i would start by pulling a wheel off at a time and look and inspect ...flush fluid...drive...rear wheel kits take time but not real hard to do with proper tools...then look at lines..booster...possible master cylinder ...thats a huge amount of fluid a month your losing..

Thank you I appreciate it