Howdy, Scotty! Fellow Houstonian here. I've gotta' 2000 Ford Focus ZX3 w/ 76k miles on it. Before getting it off of my old man, it was sitting untouched in his driveway for over a year.
With that being mentioned, I recently got the whole A/C system replaced along w/ a new alternator & battery. Whenever I have the A/C on & I'm stopped at red lights or stop signs, the car starts jerking a lot & feels like it's about to shut off. Matter of fact, it shut off twice already. Battery light comes on when it dies, if that might have any correlation.

Any ideas? Thanks for what you do & have a great one.

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Go Stros. And maybe if they made their coach go away too, the Texans could do something. Now if it only dies when the ac is one, make sure the Ac idle up valve is working to make it idle higher to compensate for AC compressor power drain. Also try this cleaning to fix it