how to tell if i need to clean injectors or replace them and what damage them... basicly i want to know as much as i can abt fuel injectors ....
they are not cheap in my place so ts a bit important to take care of them
( price of injectors of trash car "citroen c5" in here is 1200$ each )

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Personally, I have a junkyard close by that offers a 30 day warranty. I can get fuel injectors for about $15 each there. If they don't work, I return them. You can also buy rebuilt ones or new ones at an automotive parts store cheaper than buying them at the dealer. But they are cheapest at the junkyard and more importantly you get to practice removing them on a car that you can't screw up, so it is helpful to go there first before you work on them on your own car, at least in my opinion. Scotty has a video on "How to clean fuel injectors in your car" and some other videos on Fuel Injectors testing and replacing as well. Just google "scotty kilmer fuel injectors." You can also watch Engineering Explained video "Fuel Injection Explained"