Tree sap is killing my paint - any tips on getting rid of it quickly, or even better make it not stick to my car?

Hi Scotty,

I've been following your videos for some time now, because honestly I saw some thing on other channels that I didn't like. To keep it short: although they claim to Fix everything I found out the hard way that he is not right.

Anyways, a quick question I wanted to ask you: I can only park in front of our house where there are 2 giant pine trees. They throw a shade all right, but their sap is killing my paint! Not only mine, but multiple guys in the block complain that these trees are giving us a hard time. We are using rubbing alcohol to remove the sap, but it is painful, and very sticky, dirty job. Also if you forget about it for 3-4 days it gets hard as a rock and it takes a good 15 minutes to wipe it off at one spot. Not even mentioning the windshield area etc.

So the question I have is: have you possibly come across some kind of a coating that can prevent sap from sticking to my car? Nano coating? Something special? I've tried googleing, but it seems like nobody really cares about this issue, but it makes our lives a nightmare.

Thank you for your help in advance, and keep up the good work with your channel!



p.s. I also drive a Celica, but it is a 1983 model with a 4A-GE engine in it, I love it, it is my hobby-passion-car :) I'm attaching a picture of it for you!

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Thanks for the ideas guys! Now I know how to get rid of it for sure. The other part of my story however still stands currently unanswered: is there any kind of coating that could prevent sap from sticking to the car in the first place?


For existing tree sap try OOPS! 1026E Extreme Stain Remover 4.5 fl.oz

For prevention, I'd just wax your car very well with a good wax.