How to check timing belt & waterpump?


Hi Scotty,

Bought a Toyota Highlander V6 4wd 2004 with 150k miles on craigslist.
When I look at the carfax the car was serviced very accurately until 131k miles in 2017.

Afterwards the second owner was probably less careful with the car.

I will change all the fluids of the car thanks to your videos but wanted to know how I can check the status of the timing belt and waterpump. I do not see a specific change record in the carfax report so I would like to know how good or bad the shape of both elements are before they eventually break.

PS: I have a Bluedriver. No error codes and live data all green.

Thanks as always for your fantastic help.

Ciao from NYC


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Ok thanks Scotty. I like to do basic maintenance on my car but is changing timing belt and waterpump an average DIY job?

I watched your and other videos about changing these parts. Looks like you need some pretty strong tools to open all the screws to get there and a lot of time. I have a basic car tool set.

I found all the parts for $170 on Autozone. Mechanics charge about $800 for that operation in NYC. Do you think it's worth the hustle to save $600?

Scotty Kilmer
Scotty Kilmer


You'd have to pull the Timing cover off to jacket but without mileage I change it then not think about it for a 100000 miles