how long does it take to get a reply from scotty when you post

depends when you post and what time zone you are in, I just answered your question a minute ago after I woke up and took a shower

I bought a 95 Nissan truck. It cranks and runs for a little while then the idle goes down an it dies out. The first week I got it which is now 4 wks ago it idled @2k an even wen it warmed up the idle didn’t cum down. 6 days later go out to crank an idle is so low that wen I take foot off gas it dies out an shut off. I hear the idle control valve revving engine up an down attempting to maintain idle but it eventually shuts off. Then 2 days later I crank it up an let it ran alone. It ran without assistance for 25 mins. Then shut off. Next day it won’t even stay cranked. Then I let it sit 3 days go back an crank an it ran for 5 min alone then died out. And this is what it’s been doing since. Yesterday a new symptom. It cranked an idle staid at 1.5 didn’t hear the usual revving up an down of engine an ran without assistance for 10 min before idle started going down but I pushed pedal x1 an it ran then I cut key off. Neighbor said he sprayed gum out into throttle body cause he noticed one of the flapped was stuck. And wiggled it an cleaned it. This trucks symptoms keep changing so much jus wen I think I’ve got it figured out it does something different. But being on fixed income an a senior citizen can’t afford a lot to pay. I been had it 4 wks an can’t drive it like this. I wanted to know if I cud get a cleaning that wud clean the whole system out from carbon deposits? If so wits it called so wen I go to shop I can ask for it? I want pvc egr idle control valve an throttle an intake cleaned so nice he cleaned that flap an it seemed to help some I guess. Any recommendations are greatly appreciated and advice