How are you? I noticed that you take in an interest in fuel additives? We here at Total Power have a proposal for you. You mentioned you purchased all of the products that you have tested so far, and are not sponsored by any of them right? We are willing to send you a free 16oz bottle of TPx and a Starbucks card, in exchange for testing our product in one of your videos, and sharing a link to our website.

We are a biodegradable petroleum free synthetic fuel additive since 1997, and have recently released our product for retail.

Let us know if you are interested.

I would need at least a case of the stuff to do any type of serious testing. I have over 198 million views on youtube so far. If you are interested send it to on the road with scotty inc 1141 west bell st houston tx 77019

Hello Scotty:

Thanks for getting back to us. Let me speak to Boris the CEO and see what he says. I will get back to you.