Honda Pilot flashing CEL with Solid VTM-4 light and misfire codes


Hi Scotty: I have a 2007 Honda Pilot 4WD with 159,000 miles. Check engine light flashes when I accelerate moderately going up hills around 40-50 mph, but not on flat highways. I do feel a misfire when driving. Then the VTM-4 light will stay on. I scanned for codes and I get P0300, P0305, and P0306. All plugs were replaced with NGK factory plugs 40K miles ago. All coils were replaced 10K miles ago with Denso coil packs. I tried putting in a new battery, new air filter, and cleaning the MAP sensor and throttle plate. I also put on a new gas cap. I also pulled the EGR valve and tried cleaning it. It is electric so I don't have a way to test if it actually works. None of these things fixed the problem. I do see that the EVAP and CAT readiness codes are not ready. I had the codes scanned at autozone and the print out says they recommend adjusting the valves, which has never been done on this car. The car idles smoothly and the valves do not make any ticking noises. Should I have the valves adjusted? What else should I do? Check fuel pressures?