Hi Scotty, long time watcher big time fan. I have an issue that I want your input on.
I have a 2007 Honda Fit with 140k miles on it. When I let the car sit overnight, the car's AC will work for about 10 minutes before it will stop blowing cold air. I have had the condenser replaced, because the first mechanic said the compressor was too hot to touch, to which it did not solve the problem. The system was recharged with coolant and the same thing happened, after 10 minutes it will stop blowing cold. So the second mechanic checked all fuses and all fuses are fine. Both radiator fans are spinning. Sometimes when I am on the highway the AC will comeback and run for 10 minute before it goes out again. Now a third mechanic wants to change the compressor because he says that he can not hear the compressor click and engage when trying to turn the AC on. Can you share your insight on this matter please.
Tired of getting cooked in my Fit.

PS. I also have another story I want your input on at a later time.