Honda accord 2002 is not accelerating properly


Hey Scotty, I have a Honda accord 2002 V4 2.3l car. It has 194k miles on it. Recently I had to change the fuel line to pass the VA state inspection. After the fuel line change (by a mechanic), the car is not holding speed properly. The engine rpm doesn't go beyond 3000. Also while driving, the car finds it difficult to catch speed and also while going uphill it loses speed. Before that there was dash light was on with code P0420, P1457 for a long time (this is my first car experience - made a lot of mistakes and learned a lot!!) . After I did some search on YouTube (unfortunately not yours one), google and measure the 02 sensor voltage while engine is running, I thought the problem was with the upstream O2 sensor. I have replaced that one and erased the codes. Now OBDII shows P0170 code with O2S and EVAP are not ready. Still there is problem. The far shakes if press accelerator hard!! Afraid to drive the car to set the computer. There were rattle sound from under the car while car is idle. Here are some links of videos of the running car -,,
Planning to check blockage in the CAT converter.
Could you please suggest something? Thanks.