Hmmm.,,,Scotty?- ( if this does indeed get to Scotty), thanks for all of the great vids. Great resource for semi-knuckleheads like myself in troubleshooting. I have a strong turnover but no start scenario on very reliable 95 eclipse non turbo 5 stick. However, wanted to know further thoughts about why I am not hearing the relay click,... one associated with letting the fuel pump know it's ok to "pressure up". Also, other symptoms include me seeing that the fuel rail did not spit fuel with Fuelrail cap off at key "on" I further went ahead to have a friend try turn over while I sprayed into intake. This yielded no start for the 2 seconds I thought I would get. Am I missing something with a bad relay somewhere? I just can't find them, and I never noticed the sound in the past with the prime set when key in on position. Could it be a really quiet pump?- or maybe it made a noise in the past and I just didn't notice it??
Maybe you could help with this puzzle per the added variable of some cars have the inertia "shut off" switch that stops fuel going to front. If there were further tests that came to your mind -- I'd be so appreciative. I was driving the three weeks ago and engine (which runs great), just stopped on the road, where i coasted to the side.

thos are known for main computer failure. If you try cranking the engine, and it has no pulse to the fuel injectors, replace the computer