Hiya Mr kilmer I been watching your YouTube channels and you have helped me out big time and your information about how.to change a radiator and gaskets for the valve cover and plug wires has helped me almost bring my car find back to life I have changed out all.the plugs and wires and sound of the car is getting fuel it's also getting fire to the plugs now the issue is the car is still not starting we have plug it up to a code deal and it's not throwing any codes says no codes at this time car passes now we're still having an issue getting a started we try using starter fluid it still doesn't want to start the only thing I can think of at this point would be the crank shaft sensor but would not throw a code if you can maybe give me a kind of some inside I would sure appreciate it thank you.

2004 Mitsubishi eclipse gs 4 cylinder 2.4l auto

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no codes is often a shot fuel pump, computer does not know fuel pressure