his is my 21st and newest car ive ever owned. 60k miles, bought from carmax, runs/looks perfect! i love this car (i love toyota) and plan to have it for many years. i am doing a coolant flush today. im not sure if it has been done before and I dont know if they have the best coolant in the car, so im doing this to ensure that the best pink coolant is in there (currently has pink coolant of some sort) i buy idemitsu oil which is the oil toyota buys and marks up the price once they put it in a toyota botle. i also discovered gc coolant yesterday. not much info about it online. except an msds. it claims to be exact toyota OEM coolant , so im guessing its like idemitsu oil. i want to fush with just the bottles of coolant and multiple gallons of distilled water. id rather not use the chemical prestone radiator flush liquid. is this a bad idea. should i be using a radiator flush and go trough the whole process or since its a toyota and uses pink coolant do you think what i plan to do is a better idea. thought it would be cheaper/easier/less chemicals to damage the metals/seals. thanks for any advice side question: are these 2.4l engines reliable. i want it to last long i love the car. just needs that dyno mat inside door panels to quiet the road noise like yu showed in your wifes matrix

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do not flush with chemicals they don't need it. Just use toyota style coolant and drain and fill

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