High mileage VW Passat

2003 VW Passat v6 has engine with over 650K miles Photo taken by a VW technician. Car belongs to a traveling salesman.

Hi Scotty, ere's a 2003 VW Passat V6 gas engine with over 650000 miles photo was taken by a VW technician the car belongs to a traveling salesman.

So a 5000 mile oil interval can be extended to 50000 miles if only driven on highways?

No it can’t because oil gets dirty regardless If you drive in the city or highway. It gets dirty faster in the city though

The problem with highway driving in Southern California is the congestion is worse than city driving. the other day it took me 4 hours to go from San Diego to LAX airport a 100 mile trip. Congratulations on your Houston Astros but online odds are favoring Dodgers.

Then don’t count your routes as highway ones and shorten your oil change interval

There are semi-trucks with a 50k miles Factory recommended oil interval and some have gone 100K miles on Mobile1 synthetic. I go with with engine operating hours around 300 hours. I drive about 45 minutes a day so I do oil changed every year using synthetic oil.