Hi there Scotty and the Group I have a 2006 Honda Civic 1.8 engine,About 320,000 Kms on it.2 weeks ago i was coming home from Work,Car was working fine at first,but i made a stop and after that the engine light started flashing,and had almost no power,Pedal all the way down i could only go about 10 Kilometers an Hour.I did get home and parked it,was thinking i would have to get towed to a garage the next day.I shut it off and then restarted it and it worked FINE.That lasted for a whole week then it happened again,this Time the Engine light stayed on,so i put my Code reader on it.I got 2 Codes. P2A00 & PO302. the Pa200 code says it might be the O2 Sensor.I don't want to replace it unless i know for sure thats what it is.So after that it ran fine for almost another week,and it happened again.when it happened the third time,i pulled over right away,turned the car off.then restarted it and it was Fine again. Working good now but not sure for how long. Anyone have this Problem before or have an Idea if it is the O2 Sensor ? Any feed back will be greatly appreciated .Thanks Urb from Canada

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dil 89
dil 89

It's a bad misfire destroying the catalytic converter

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