Hi Sir, I just recently bought a new car with CVT transmission, but recently the CVT has been annoying me. When accelerates from stop, the car tends to experience some "jerking-ness", but when it reaches 20km/h, the car rides smoothly. I also experience the same problem when going at slow speed, especially during busy traffic hours or exiting a speed bump where I need to slow down my car.

When I test drive the car at the showroom, I don't experience this issue. Could you advice me on this matter? At least I know what's going on with the car and it helps me better explaining to the mechanic when I sent my car for the upcoming service. Thanks from Malaysia! :)

that's why I don't like CVTs myself. But it may not be tranny related, it could be a fuel or ignition problem causing that. Let them fix it, it's under warranty

noted sir, thanks for the reply!