Hi sir. I have a 2003 E250 cargo van with 120000 original miles. 6 months ago, I had to replace the oxygen sensor 1. 2 months later the engine light came on again and I was told that the EGR valve needed replacing. When the mechanic opened it and tasted it, he said it was working and that the engine had a build up at the head port. After he cleaned it, the light went off and I passed the smog inspection. A couple weeks ago, the van refused to start! It cranked but it didn't start. I saw your videos and I added the engine start spray on the air intake, as you said, and it started. It run for 49 miles. I arrived to my destination without any problem. I powered it off and went to work. 8 hours later, the same thing. I gave her a couple puffs of the spray and it started again. Drove the distance back without any problem or hesitation of the engine. To check even further, I place the shifter to 3 from drive and acceleratered to 80mph. No coughing, hesitation or sluggishness. It went from 55 to 80 without a glitch. Came back home and the story repeated itself. My van needs its puffs of fluid to start, but once running it's ok. I'm in Phoenix and our temperature is 86 during the day and about 65 low. Any direction as to what I should check to fix this???

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pressure test the fuel pump, could be going out, also change the fuel filter.