Hi Scotty!

We own a 2007 Nissan Quest with 150k in California. Got. P0420 catalytic insufficiency code. Shop says that it will cost $1100 to replace. I understand that there are 3 converters and I’m assuming this is only to replace only 1 converter. Should we go ahead and get it fix or hold off, Maybe save another $2k and trade it in and be done with it???
Body is straight, interior is ok but We’ve already replaced the electronic motor mounts, the ac fan resistor and had the transmission repaired 50k miles ago. Also the got a flashing air bag light on dash. We are the second owner, but bought it at a ford dealership when it only had 17k. Car is paid off but it seems that repairs on this particular model are always expensive. I’m still driving my 1999 saturn with over 200k miles and still passes smog and in good shape.

Any thoughts?