Hi Scotty, Watched many of your videos.. very entertaining and educational.
Have a question/concern...
First off, I understand how you feel about mercedes.. .so we won't go there. LOL
However, what I'm concerned about is the carbon build up that occurs in the engines and what's the best way (meaning least damaging way) to clean out the carbon build up on an engine?
I own 2 cars, one is a 2007 honda civic hybrid, the other is a 2013 C250 mercedes.
honda = 240,000 miles
Benz = 39,000 miles

I had a 2003 benz which I had to get rid of because of excessive carbon build up due to burning oil.

So I want to prevent this from happening again to my other cars.

I've watched other videos about some using SeaFoam spray and spray into the throttle body (but my mechanic says this is bad due to it can clog or destroy the CAT)
I've seen some use keroseme to clean out the gunk build up in the oil inside of the engine block, as well.

what is your thoughts on what's the best way to clean out the engine of all the gunk build up from the oil and oil pan and to clean out the carbon build up that occurs over time?
I want to try to be preventive more than reactive because I don't want go through what I went through with my old 2003 benz.

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