Hi Scotty - TRANSMISSIONS - Instant Shudder Fixx - LUBEGARD dual clutch transmission fluid. Recently bought a 2014 Ford Fucus SE 2L nonturbo hatchback 27.5k to 30k now miles from a local Ford dealer. Minor shudder on occasion. Still under warranty and service rep not concerned. If it gets worse they can adjust the computer plus a good amount of test driving and adjustments. Warranty extended to 10 yr & 100K miles for that.
I also have a 1995 (classic plates) 112k miles 318 ci V-8 Dodge Dakota with leer cap. Tranny rebuilt about 8 years ago at 90k. Currently running great. ( yes gas hog stays home often ) but has been to good places.
Prior to buying the Focus my tranny guy said to change the fluid at 45k for the Focus. I will likely have him change the engine oil after I put 5k on it and look at the tranny fluid.
What is your expert opinion?

interesting, I'll have to try that lubegard dual clutch fluid. Do some praying on the focus though, I believe there is a class action suit on that model for tranny problems, you might check on that

YouTube search showed me that 2012 was the first year for this type of tranny for this model. My hope is the bugs are worked out. The dealer just fixed the horn for free. A chafed wire. A little past the 60 day warranty but, let it slide with no pressure from me. Love the car so far.