Hi Scotty. Today I accidentally topped off the gas tank of my Toyota Etios and noticed when a little petrol started spilling out of the gas tank. Then I shut the gas tank and drove for about 4-5 Kms in very heavy traffic to reach a shop where I could purchase a pipe to suck out the extra fuel. During the drive the engine was appearing to be heavier and the car shut off once but started immediately without any problems.After that I sucked out 1litre of petrol and the car began to run normal. Could the cannister or any other components be damaged because of driving those 4-5 Kms or is everything fine. The car ran normal after I removed 1litre of petrol. Please suggest.
Thanks and Regards

odds are it's not damaged from that one time over fill. The evap cannister should just vent out the extra and the liquid would eventually just evaporate while you drive. But don't do it again

Ok. Thanks a lot.