Hi Scotty,

Thanks very much for your great Youtube channel. I have learnt a lot from you.

I have a few questions with my Toyota Yaris Lunar 1.0 L, 2008 French built for Ireland. My car is burning oil at high rev, and I need to top up 2 L oil / 1500 Km. Yesterday, I checked the compression test at two stages, as follows:

Stage 1: I warmed up the engineer and did compression test. Compression showed 140 PSI (1st cylinder), 205 PSI (2nd cylinder), and 210 (Third cylinder). I tested at least three times to confirm. I then poured a café spoon engine oil into the 1st cylinder and test again. Pressure raised up to 16 PSI so I think that the ring at the first cylinder had a problem.

Stage 2: I was hoping that the ring might stuck and I tried to release it. I then used the Liqui Moly Proline to flush the enginee running at idle for 40 minutes. After flushing, I filled with new oil, and the amount of smoke is slight reduced now but still burning at high rev. I checked again the compression and the tests showed 205 PSI (1st cylinder), 205 PSI (2nd cylinder), and 210 (Third cylinder). So compression results are fine. I repeated checking for 5 times each cylinder and the results were the same. Which mean that flushing had some positive affect on the 1st cylinder.

My questions are, can a bad ring have a good compression? I was thinking that I would have a bad oil ring in piston but compression rings are OK. And is there any other possibility that my car is still burning oil at high revolution?

Thank you Scotty.


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realize that there are different rings, and for example, oil rings can go bad while compression rings are still good, vice versa, Or even they are all worn of just some in certain cylinders. BUT, if you have good compression, then the compression ring is certainly good, but it could still burn oil if other rings were worn.