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I need your help or suggestions.

I had stuck in rain in lot of water on the road after that IMA light came on the screen.

The next day I went to a guy who used to tune up my insight 2010 and he scanned my car and P1448 error came up. He opened the IPU unit cover and there is no sign of water in there even in the car there is no water and the he checked IPU fan no sign of water either, he then checked all the wiring and on the rear left panel there are two connectors which seems little moisturized then he cleaned them and then start the engine and Fan started running and he scanned again after that and the P1448 was gone IMA light was gone and everything was fine then i drive back to home approx. 13 to 15 Km.s and car was fine.

The Next day I drive again and after 3 to 4 km.s IMA light came back and next day i went to that guy again. he scanned and opened everything again and checked all of it, he checked fuse also, P1448 came up again and its not going now. The guy told me that the battery card (MCM) is seems to be malfunctioned and he is not even sure about it.

What to do?

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P1448 is a Intelligent Power Unit (IPU) Module Fan Problem. Those are SO complex on Hondas, ONLY a mechanic with years of experience and a honda dealer scan tool are going to figure that out without just pure guesswork. Too much technology really, and you pay for that when they break down. You could of course make it a non intelligent fan by hooking up a manual toggle switch if you had overheating problems and be done with all that computer crap.