Hi Scotty thanks for your help I want to know how to replace the solenoids on 2004 Chevy Venture front wheel drive. I'm getting hard shifting when the transmission gets warm and I was told that is what it might be........Please help me, Thanks

K. O'Brien

Well, I'd get several opinions on the issue first, are there any codes set for the transmission? The side cover will need to be removed, which I'm not sure whether or not that requires a drivetrain cradle drop on your Venture as it does on other models. Also believe it or not, get the MAF sensor diagnosed to be sure it's working correctly, as the transmission shift quality can be affected by a MAF issue. If you want to try to clean the MAF first try Scotty's video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NWCKvU2FmDc

No There are no codes for the transmission, the only code is a missfire in cylinder 1. I changed the pulgs and the coils and it is still there. The van has a lot of power and there is no stuttering while driving. The only thing is the transmission shifting hard in between gears when its warm. I will try cleaning the MAF sensor and let you know. Thank you alot.

Must get that misfire code fixed, need to determine if it's a fueling or mechanical issue, as fixing the trans. may not be worth the hassle if the MAF cleaning/diagnostic comes up with no change in shift patterns and then you find out the engine has a mechanical issue, then it would cost thousands to get everything fixed unless you can find a used engine & trans with low miles if wanting to keep the van.

Thank you.....I will let you know