Hi Scotty,

Thanks for giving us an opportunity to ask you questions here.

My question is regarding the gas mileage of my Hyundai Sonata 2007 GLS 4 door car.

Nov 2016: I am a student and bought this second hand car at 188,000km driven and today it is around 210,000km with many problems(dealer lied to me). So I paid to one mechanic and he changed my car's rear brakes, rear brakes holder(something on top of brakes) and transmission fluid(for steering may be) and a new pan that holds transmission fluid. This car still have problems like very loose hand brake and it shows Air Bag sign but I couldn’t afford that.

After that I started driving this car. I drive within Montreal city most of the time and mostly within speed limits, no excessive speeding or sudden brakes etc but anyways I am getting around 6 KMPL or 14 MPG which I think is pretty low for this car.

June 2017: I started searching for getting good mileage videos and then a Mechanic changed Engine oil (5W-20), Engine Oil Filter and Engine Air Filter. I kept checking mileage but showed no difference on car’s mileage.

July 2017: Silencer broke because it hit with the railway line within the road. Mechanic fixed it with screws and now this car makes little more sound when I push gas.

September 2017: A mechanic suggested me to check car's computer with ODB2 meter(I think) and after checking he told me that everything is just fine. I told them to remove Air Bag sign but they said they can’t do that only Hyundai will do.

Oct 2017: Even today the car mileage is same. I have seen your video regarding low gas mileage and everything else you pointed is good other than checking spark plugs so far so I am planning to check

1. Spark plug and wires
2. Fuel filter

This car doesn’t make any extra sounds, other than that silencer fix, engine runs fine and smoothly. Please suggest me a good way to increase its mileage, reply me once you upload a reply on youtube. I am not planning to sell this car for now and tired of paying so much for fuel.

Thanks for reading :-)


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Thanks, Scotty, I will definitely check that, but if something is wrong with the sensors, doesn't that supposed to be read by OBD2? which I mentioned I already did.



at that age, korean cars generally are money pits. But try this video to see if gas mileage goes up https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NWCKvU2FmDc


I sent you an email as well but I think, here is better but anyways depends upon you. Thanks!