Hi Scotty, Thanks for all your help. Hoping you can help me with my snowmobile question. Its a 500cc 2 cylinder 2 stroke. The thing was dumping gas out the spark plug hole when cranking it, so i replaced the needle and seat, cleaned the carbs etc. It fired right up and ran fairly well. However, Now it wont start. finally after a bunch of starter fluid and a million pulls it started, it idles crappy and the plugs are always wet after Ive been trying to start it. It seems to run fine when I get it running though. But Its an absolute B*tch to start. Also, it always smells like gas and there is gas in the floor pan of the sled. It always fires right up after I take the carb off and clean it... but then it doesnt start again after its been running. could it be a fuel pump issue or something?

carburetor needs rebuilding or replacing. Most of those carbs can be had pretty cheaply new if you price on the net around