Hi Scotty
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Please help me!!
Almera 2002 1.6, after overhauling the engine, at times the engine won't rev up past 2500 rpm. Switching ignition off resets something, then engine will rev up, but only 60% power when driving. Removed TPS connections while idling, car continues to idle and revs up normally. But when i remove the mass airflow meter connection the problem reveals itself, it won't rev past 2500 rpm. At times when i remove the connection it will die. Seems to be intermittent. Is the TPS sending the wrong signals or is it the mass airflow meter that is faulty?

so many things can go wrong when doing an engine overhaul. BUT, have a pro hook up his dealer level scanner, and analyze the live and mode 6 data to see what systems are acting up. I assume it didn't do that before the engine work, so I would assume the fuel pump still works and cat is not clogged up.