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Thanks for all the help you've provided to me so far via your youtube channel! I have two questions for you. The first is regarding my 2016 ford F150. I notice when I'm under the car that there are absolutely no grease zerks or obvious lubrication points (you've mentioned this in one of your videos). A website I stumbled upon describes a Ford tune-up as having suspension/ ball joint/ U-joint lubrication as part of the job. If these components are all enclosed or have no fittings, would they actually get lubricated if I were to take it in for a service check or is this outdated information? If so, how does one actually lubricate joints, bearings, or bushings (not just the rubber components) on a modern truck? Sounds like they're designed for failure as the wear indicator... The second question I have for you is about U of I. I understand you're a University of Illinois graduate, and I'm curious what your degree was in/ were you involved in any on-campus organizations if you'll disclose that. I just finished up UIUC with a degree in ChemE, but I swear I like working with tools and machinery more than chemicals and automation technology. Thanks again for all the awesome advice!


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Hi, Scott, if you constantly have such problems, then maybe you should solve them with the help the best I have seen in education can be found here.


they are not made to be lubed, but rubber bushings can be sprayed with stuff like AT 205 reseal that rejuvenates rubber parts. I was doing my Phd in anthropology at U of I waay back in the seventies. I was writing about a motorcycle gang I rode with. Strange world indeed, now I made videos helping the world out with their car problems. who knew?

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