Hi Scotty,

Thank you for your videos- I find them informative, entertaining and fun! I really appreciate your no nonsense plain talking advice and clear and simple explanations for your opinions. As such, i have paid close attention to your advice on Toyota Celicas with Corrolla engines - the ST and not GT, as being the best used car to buy, because of its build quality.

I would like to hire you to help me find and look over a used Toyota Celica 94-97 ST (I think that covers the versions with the Corrolla engines.) and get it road ready for an epic road trip that I plan to do which will take me to Mexico and all throughout the US, Canada and South America.

As such, what I need is a highly reliable car that will be affordable and easy to maintain. A used car is ideal as I wont worry too much about wear and tear (scratches etc). Something that can reliably drive for about 100 000 km. From your videos, the Celica fits the bill nicely.

Would you be interested in helping me find the car? My max investment would be $3000 $1000-$2000 for the car, and costs to get it looked over, repaired and ready for the road, Does that sound reasonable? Would you be willing to assist me on this? I am reaching out because I trust your advice.

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Thank you Scotty, I appreciate your response and keeping an eye out. Thank you for your helping your community. Mark

Scotty Kilmer
Scotty Kilmer


I don't buy or sell cars, but I do check them out once the customer finds em . That said if I see one for sale I'll email you