Hi Scotty,

Sup from Hungary, your channel is cool ;) need a little help with advices…

I have a 325i (M54B25) BMW e46 cabrio 2003 (facelift) model with manual gearbox and 196k kilometres. Struggling with hesitation. The car does not have the power it had when accelerating suddenly.

The below listed items were changed already. Upper and lower air intake pipes. Mass air-flow sensor DISA Both catalytic converters (close to the engine) CCV pipes & filter Fuel filter Fuel pump is good it runs on 2.8bars All 6 spark plugs were changed to new NGKs

It is also running on new engine oil and air filter. Few times when I'm about to stop and slowing down the car, fully pushing the clutch the car suddenly starts idling between 500 & 1000, 5 or more times. Does the same thing sometimes while I'm waiting for the green light in neutral. Not sure when the ignition coils were changed by the previous owner. Also when I'm just parking with the car the engine unpredictably revs up and then I need to push the clutch to avoid stalling. I believe this ignition problem is preventing the car to give the smile factor while driving.

Can you give me your best advice on solving this issue? Your answer is highly appreciated ;)

Thanks, Gabor

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thanks! Problem solved! The DISA was the only problem, had to buy a genuine new one. (First it was replaced by a used one but it revealed that the membrane was not good...)

Scotty Kilmer
Scotty Kilmer


me, I'd start by doing a wet and dry compression test of the engine. if engine is not worn out, I would put on a BMW dealer level scan tool and analyze live and historical data