Hi Scotty. So last week my car ran over what seems to be a huge pothole on highway, was going really fast, it was midnight, I couldn't see it was coming. So I hit it and there was this VERY LOUD BANG along with a CLANK when it happened somewhere below the passenger side. I guessed something must either snapped or disfigured with a noise like that. Car runs normal though, stopped to check whether anything bent below but it looks ok, everything seems to be in order.

But after that, I found whenever I steer through corners on low speed it made random 'thud, thud' noises on the suspensions. Got it checked by a mechanic, he said the thud came from the steering rack, the rack was bit damage he said, like a minor bent. But it was small enough so the thud noise only came back when I made turns on corners. Everything else is fine though, car runs with no problem. The mechanic suggested to replace the steering rack if I want the noise to go away. He said that it shouldn't be much of a problem like that, but he can't make the noise go away.

Question is, is driving with this situation, safe? Is this a fatal damage? Should I replace the rack, or leave it be and live with the minor annoyance? Thanks in advance Scotty.

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dirty dan
dirty dan

In Missouri that wouldn't pass inspections, I would get it replaced it might also cause items to wear out faster such as suspention or tires if it keeps making the thump sound