Hi Scotty, recently my 05 Hyundai accent stopped cranking on me. Turns out that something is causing my ignition relay to blow when I attempt to start the car. No dashboard lights or radio will come on unless I put a new ignition relay in and then it blows when I turn the key to the run position. How do I go about finding where the short is exactly so I can fix the problem?

often just a bad starter motor. Change that FIRST, then if not that, find the short in the wiring

Where would you start to find the short in the wiring because I replaced the starter in April. The car was cranking last week, then it stopped and noticed I had no power to the radio, warning lights or anything else. The headlights and dome light did stay on. AAA switched out the ignition relay with another 30A one and the warning lights, etc came on but when I turned the key to start the relay immediately blew.