Hi Scotty,

Recently change out starter on 2009 Honda Accord. It started for a few seconds then killed. Tried starting it again, it cranked, started but then it killed again. What do this mean? I Checked fuses but I notice that my wind shied wipes weren't working and 7.5 fuses under the dashboard were good but did not light up when tested. Also I didn't notice the green key light coming on when I put the key in ignition to start it...No flash or blinking. Please Help!!! Should I send you a video of how it reacts

odds are your anti theft system is breaking down. But try another known good key and pray it's just that, cause only pro mechanics or locksmiths can work on theft systems

I will email you video on how my car react on getting it to start

Here what it's doing

I notice the dash lights are not coming on once key in the ignition...

It will start when I hold down the key and then shuts off