Hi Scotty, Question, so on my 2003 Mazda Tribute that currently has 163,000 miles on it, I've have a pretty bad problem with it mis-firing and check engine light blinking/on. I've had it at the repair place close to home for the past 3 days. I got the spark plugs and coils replaced 63,000 miles ago, however they said that the code said it was a mis-fire on cylinder 2, but not bad coils or plugs. They said it was a fuel injector issue. They are going to put a new fuel injector on cylinder 2, but they said it may not make the mis-firing go away. They are not 100% sure. They said it could be bad wiring, but they checked the wiring and the wiring is fine. They said that the mis-firing may also be caused by a computer chip problem that will cost at least 8 or $900 to get fixed. The computer problem is with the chip inside that tells the engine when to fire and everything.. So hopefully I will get the car back by tomorrow or Saturday and if I drive it a bit and it mis-fires again, it probably is the computer problem from what they said. They said its worth getting the fuel injector replaced for now to see if that solves the problem. My question for you is, for the age and mileage on that car, if the mis-firing comes back, is it worth putting the extra money into getting the computer chip replaced and fixed? Let me know. I would like to hear your advice.

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sounds like they are just guessing. If it doesn't run right, let them do the chip, and if that doesn't fix it, don't pay them.

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