Hi Scotty Over the course of the years I’ve been watching bits of your video but I’ve become a real…


Hi Scotty Over the course of the years I’ve been watching bits of your video but I’ve become a real big fan and became a daily to watch. Reguardless of the topic and I appreciate what you do.

I had a 2015 corolla had it hooked up. And unfortnaety got wrecked due to a drunk driver with a suspended license.. (don’t drink and drive people) so now I got myself a 2000 celica gt

More unfortunately news. Lady who I bought from kinda lied to me about the car telling me has a new engine with almost 9k miles but has 207k.. (1zz) and the only thing she told me is that it needs a new thermostat. Which I changed out. And back breanks. I changed the thermostat but still having issues. I just want to drive my car and stop paying 800$ amonth for a rental.. (I’ve had a re ntal now going on half a year now.. 180$ a week)

Usually there’s 4 things to cause overheating. A thermostat. B radiator c water pump or d which I hope not.. a blown head gasket. I don’t..

Ac fan works but not blowing cold air. No bubbles in radiator. No water in oil. Neither any leaks near the plugs.. I don’t got the money for mechanic and new engine and stuff. I was wondering if you know what could be the issue?

I just got two bottles of blue devil head gasket sealer that I saw from your ch. (not pour n go) and just got a new radiator hopefully this might be a short fix or long term


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Thanks so much Scotty for taking the time to answer my question! I'm starstrucked that you did. Im going to change the radiator and once I do I'll post a update! I dont have the money to get a pressure test or combustion tube at the moment. I live paycheck to paycheck. Due to rental.

Scotty Kilmer
Scotty Kilmer


odds are engine is toast with blowing head gasket. Do this video to find the actual fault, ALL of the tests