Hi Scotty, One thing I can say is you rock & roll!!! Just look at the…

Paula W.

Hi Scotty, One thing I can say is you rock & roll!!! Just look at the picture above with the young girl under her car trying to fix it. Could this be me Paula in her younger days or could this be Lisa Christiansen, in her younger years that is a car talk mechanic guru of Montreal talk radio CJAD800 . She has a car talk show every Sat Morning @ 10:00AM to 11:00 am . She is sponsored by The Automobile Protective Association of Canada . Their address is on 292 St. Joseph Blvd West Montreal , Quebec H2V2N7 Tel # (514) 272-5555 FAX # (514)273-0797 e-mail apamontreal@apa.ca When I attempted to call into her show she snubbed my call, because I mentioned a 2013 Subaru Forrester with it's rusting brake fluid lines. Please you have look outside of Texas, New Hampshire and Québec is the rust capital of the world, due to the salt that is poured on our roads. When I have traveled to Quebec to visit friends in Montréal, in winter the roads are always white, and the whiteness works in both ways, white from snow then white from road salt until late spring. I've also written both times to the APA and they have snubbed me. Also CJAD has snubbed me to ! I've also written to other car gurus like the Magliozzi bros Click & Clack of car talk who also writes for the Hippo Press. They have also snubbed me when I mention stainless steel .

           Please read my attachments. It depicts who I am . I'm a full time working senior citizen of 70 years + (MBTA's Keolis Commuter services of Boston as  B&B electrician ). Being in the trade in which I spent almost twenty years as an industrial electrician building/wiring  automation machines for the Gillette safety razor company of Boston mass. … I have applied techniques I learned in my trade applied to the automotive trade as far as wire terminations which I find superior to the automotive trade. Case in point that fat tapered binding post on a car battery only attracts the towing vultures. I have helped a few over time  There are  a few times I've had to bail out people at where I work in the railroad parking lot on why their cars don't start. Also attempting to get lug nuts off wheels due to flat tires because the lug nuts where rusted and are not stainless steel and not treated with copper based never seize.   Please see terminations that employed on all my vehicles. Terminations that are from the electrical construction trade, and not from the automotive trade . They require special compression tools , but worth it!!!!!  I currently work across the street from the Gillette company for MBTA's /Keolis commuter services . Now I'm witnessing the interiors of GP40 l

ocomotives with their yes 75 volt starting batteries of 16 cylinder diesel engines. And yes those batteries are terminated with lugs associated with the electrical construction trade . The starter is about the size of a medium car size transmission. Very heavy. Hence , a diesel locomotive is nothing more than an electrical power plant on wheels, with two electrical power plants, one for electric traction power and the other one for the three phase 277/480 3 phase volt hotel power for light, heat and air conditioning of the train set. Hence , I like better the Amtrak all electric engines that go by our facility with it's overhead electric power distribution of 25kv from contact wire to rail . I'm very much for pure electric traction. Something that General Motors destroyed in the 1930s to the late 1960s through front companies like National City Lines. Just google that and you will know the rest of the story on how auto making became corrupt .

            Anyways I will be sending you more important attachments on what I do as far as old vehicle restorations. My restorations is not to show off that shiny new vehicle look like Jay Leno and his hazardous waste garage for the sunday afternoon parade of old cars. My prowess is to keep the old cars on the road modified with stainless steel and looking forward to converting to pure electric traction drive systems. and getting people inter-modally  from car , pedal bike into electrified rail mass transit. My newest vehicle I own is my late father's 1984 Oldsmobile. Yes also modified with stainless steel where it rotted out along with copper plumbing piping for heater system circulation along with the A..I.R . system of tubing on the engine with nothing but all stainless steel reworked painfully tig/mig welded fabricated together!  Hence , I want to keep daddy alive and well. And my total replacement of the brake fluid lines to stainless steel . To include the fluid dividing block for the front & rear brakes with that propotionalizing valve available from stainless steel brakes company . Yes !!! ,I have all my indigenous shop manuals on all my vehicles.  May be I can start my own you tube car guru show, but I'm not a car cultist. To me a car cultist would go ballistics if a small stone clipped the hazardous waste paint on the under chassis or under the sill of any original vehicle . No hazardous waste with a stainless steel modification.  

              To conclude I will always ring that bell. If I start my own you tube videos, I will begin by not revving my engines , but whinning up my motors like electric motors/electric cars  . Just think no transmissions with all electric vehicles.

             I have a whole library of information against auto makers as a whole 

             Could the APA of Canada and Mrs Lisa Christiansen be in cahoots with auto makers? likewise those other car gurus be in cahoots as well... Just look at the billions of $ spent on new vehicle commercials . Vehicles trotting  effortlessly in the snow up mountains in which the snow is colder than 20 F as opposed to showing the pile up of vehicles just recently in our Midwest that has snow storms @ 30 F . Ice and snow is more dangerous at 30F than at 20F . Hence , colossal false advertisements . Then GM exporting job to China? All the while China has built and they keep building it's 200MPH + electric high speed rail system? Heck buy from China? China will eventually build it's high speed rail system to the USA via Russia, then the Bering  straights tunnel into Alaska and down to the lower 48 states . This will be China's new conduit of goods coming to the USA because shipping  over via the Pacific will take too long and end up being more costly. Look at the web sites of that proposed Bering Straights tunnel  . 

              Please respond back . I need to know if you do a thing on you tube about my experiences. When I'm at work I cannot listen in due to Federal railroad safety rules  

Miss Paula Walach- Derry New Hampshire The" live to free or die" state or what I call the " live to drive or die" state & Peabody Mass USA sc

              PS in the mean time I'll be riding my pedal bike to the nearest commuter rail station and then inter-moding with the train to Boston. En-route on my pedal  bike , I will witness vehicle parts strewn on the road from rusted broken front end parts, brake pads, rusted mufflers and their associated hardware not made of stainless steel. Hence, my late daddy's Oldsmobile has a personally fabricated stainless steel exhaust system , and yes I fabricated my own oval styled stainless muffler. I've documented that job experience . All but the catalytic converter  is now stainless . Stainless steel fabrications in my sacred sanctuary of my heated creature comforts   two car attached garage !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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