Hi Scotty,

Now Scotty, I know you absolutely hate German engineering but a lot of people out there love German cars, me in particular. However, I need your help. I own an Audi A3 2010 1.4TFSI. I am the second owner. bought the vehicle with 59,000km on it. It rode perfectly for the 5000km that I added on it before servicing. A few days after servicing the vehicle (oil change, oil filter change, plugs change and fuel filter change) i noticed t judders when i slow down to 1st gear and shift back up to 2nd gear. The judders are experienced between 500-2500 rpm, it is so annoying. picking up from second is a breeze. car rides so well in high gear (3,4,5,7 gear). It has a 7 speed DSG gear box- automanual. Please help me solve this. I have done loads of research online i cant possible get a solution. all changed components were original parts from VW. Please assist.

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that gear box would make a watchmaker go nuts. without an audi dealer scanner and a road test, no one could even come close to guessing your problem. start there