Hi Scotty, need help troubleshooting. Stock 2008 dodge caliber SRT4. 108,000 miles. Taking off from a stop with light throttle pressure, the car revs fine up to 1500-2000 rpm, then it falls completely on its face and dies. But if i launch with 50% gas pedal or more, then its fine. So I'm forced to basically peel out after coming to a stop. Its the same engine response as when traction control kills power. Im either losing spark or losing fuel pressure. It happens about 1 in every 3 stops. Car starts right up again too.

14 years of driving stick cars, bikes, quads etc..., so i know how to clutch. I could be fully engaged in 1st idling forward 1200rpm at 6mph, or at 10mph in 2nd, and i still have to give it 50% throttle or more, otherwise it dies. Its worse on rainy days, and on a cold engine. I can hear air flowing in, so the throttle body still opens (electronic throttle control), it just loses ignition. Tried turning off traction control, problem still exists.

No check engine light, no codes, idle is stable, boost is consistent, no vacuum leaks, spark plugs replaced, PCV valve replaced, injectors removed and cleaned, MAP sensor and MAF sensors replaced, no oil in any intake pipes, no oil around spark plugs, valve cover gasket replaced, battery/alternator are good. Consistent power in every gear all the way to redline. It just doesnt like to drive slow. Sucks because I'm in Los Angeles traffic everyday.