Hi Scotty,
My wife and I recently moved into the Oklahoma City area from Chicago, and we're having extreme difficulty finding a trustworthy mechanic. Much to my dismay, one of our vehicles had an oil leak and we suspect that we had paid too much for the work. Additionally, it was even more difficult to leave Chicago since the mechanic that we had been using in the past was top notch. Would you be able to throw out someone from your Rolodex of contacts that does work within this relative area? If not, would you be able to shift us in the right direction? Unfortunately, we can no longer rely on traditional reviews.

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heck, I don't know anyone outside the houston city limits myself. But ask locals who they use, your neighbors, people in restaurants, and then watch this video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EZbAi7bfMNw&t=12s