Hi Scotty, my name is Dan. I recently came across your video on youtube how to fix squeaky noise in your car. (rubber bushing repair) so that I can fix that squeaking noise coming from my car. Everytime I drive off slowly, go over a bump, park up the garage, sit in the back seat, push down the trunk of the right rear side of my car, it starts squeaking. Can you help answer my question or help me solve this problem? I went to a auto repair shop, and the mechanic said the noise was at first coming from the rear sway bar bushing, so I order the part from autozone and he fixed it but the noise was still there. So he didn't charge me for labor. He than did some more checks and observing the noise when you push down on the car trunk, and now he says its coming from the rear control arm bushing, but he told me i should replace the whole control arm and after get a tire alignment. So just today I seen your Youtube video on using AT-205 RE-SEAL. Will that stop my Squeaking noise? And or what do you suggest on another way of solving this? I have posted a picture with a blue arrow the mechanic is saying thats where the noise is really coming from. He also sprayed WD40 on it. I really dont want to spend 200$ on a new Rear control arm. Also Btw I appreciate you helping as many people as you possibly can. You are the Man!

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Scotty Kilmer
Scotty Kilmer


spray wd 40 allover it and let it sit overnight. If still does it, replace the whole control arm assembly