Hi Scotty my name is Clarence.I have a 2002 Saturn Sc2.I have this whining noise problem.When I am on idle I don't hear it,but as I accelerate it starts and as I go even faster the whining sound gets even louder.The noise was not as loud when I accelerated before but now it is getting even worse.My front tires need replaced but they needed replaced a lot earlier and never heard the whining noise then.It does not seem to increase when I turn my air conditioner on.But I noticed only once in a while my car would turn a couple times before it starts but only once in a while.This was a couple weeks ago.But since then it is starting fine.I just spent a 1000 dollars on a whole new exhaust but it whine before that.I just hate to put more money into this car but I kept good care of it since I bought it from the factory and it only has 70,000 miles on it so I keep putting money into it because I think it is still worth it.Would you have an idea what could be causing this? Also I just got a new serpentine belt put on and there is this rattling noise coming from the pulleys that the serpentine belt is too.Would you know what this is as well? I am concerned and it is only car I have and can not afford another if it is more serious.Thank you for your help and time Scotty.Clarence

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do this video to find the noise source, it always works https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pqh1oH8mEqY